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Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher Attunement & Certification

Bonus Lavender Flame Reiki Master Teacher Attunement & Certification 

Save The Date:  7/30/2022

Time: 11 am est. - 4

Online through WixLive, email will be sent out prior to the training day

Self Investment: $185.00


Meet your spiritual teacher & guide  through this journey, Marisa Sage.

HI love! I am so excited for you to get your flame on! I am a Master energy healer, a hypnotist, a body talk (somatic) practitioner, USUI Reiki Master, Violet & Lavender Flame Reiki Master, Golden Ray & Silver Ray Reiki Master teacher, Pampamesayok Shaman and coach as well as a Quantum Guide in service to the healing of the Earth through the portal of the cosmic heart.

Are You Ready to Be Certified And Work With St. Germain, The Angels & Goddess Quan Yin On The 7th Ray

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I am ready to decree I am the Violet Flame.

I can't wait to get our flame on!