beyond quantum healing [bqh] hypnosis
Update: All sessions will be held online.

  • beyond quantum healing (bqh)

I am certified in the intuitive and heart-based method of spiritual hypnotherapy, as developed and taught by Candace Craw-Goldman, called Beyond Quantum Healing® (BQH). This integrative method of hypnosis is based on the classic form of QHHT and is adaptable to each person’s needs because it includes many healing modalities such as:

  • Reiki

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Energy Healing & Reading

  • Water Alchemy

  • Heart Coherence

  • Spirit/ Entity Release 

  • Life Force Infused Crystal Ally Healing

  • Past Life or Memory Regression

  • Trauma Retrospection & Resolve

  • Healing Through The Toroidal Field of the Heart for Forgiveness & Self Acceptance

  • Communication with Teachers, Masters, Loved Ones in Spirit

  • Initiate an Interaction with the Soul Council, to Gain An Understanding of Lessons Learned and Lessons You Are Yet to Learn

  • Etc...

Here are some articles that will help prepare you for your session and to understand a little more in detail of what a Quantum Healing Hypnosis [BQH] Session actually is:

Practice Using or Awakening Your Imagination is KEY!

Note: This Session is 3-4 hours long and can not be scheduled under the healing sessions tab, email me @ to set up a session or click the button below for a free consultation

Self Investment $333.00


Spiritual Counseling/Introduction

Beginning with spiritual counseling or what I like to say is the introduction we we induce to get to know each-other more fully. I’ll take time in hearing about you and what you’re ready to learn shift and heal. We then set an intention for the session. We’ll go over the questions you’d like answered by your Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors, Teachers, and Loved Ones. I’ll ask about a few details about past experiences/events that are relevant & still need understanding from and  how that may relate to the intention for the  session.

I’ll also answer any questions about hypnosis, and give you helpful tips that can help you to fall easily into trance, dive deeply, and therefore gain the very most out of your session!


Hypnosis Induction

You will be helped into deep relaxation, inward awareness, and a dreamy hypnotic trance. You’ll be given guidance which will engage your inner vision, imagination, and intuition.


The Journey

Your Higher Self will reveal to you images and scenarios. I’ll guide your inner awareness through several significant scenes. The scenes can be taken from your soul’s memories of this lifetime, or other life from another time and place. They can also be symbolic imagery encoded with transmissions. They can be scenes from the life of someone else with whom you are connected. Exploring through the Quantum Field, the possibilities are endless. You will be taken to what’s most beneficial for you to review at this stage of your soul’s journey. We may even explore life between lives.


SuperConscious/ Higher Self Interview

After going through a series of visions, I’ll ask you for permission to speak directly with your Higher Self. Permission granted, I will help you to give way to the voice of your Higher Self. A dialogue with your Higher Self will be established and I’ll begin asking a series of enlightening questions, including ones that offer clarity on the significance of the inner visions you just explored, and then focusing on the ones you will have prepared pre-session - questions dear to your heart that you seek clear answers too.


Body Scan

Afterwards, I ask your Higher Self to scan your body and bring attention to any areas in need of healing . Pointed insights can be given (such as the cause, changes that are needed, what’s to be avoided, recommendations, etc), and healing begins to accelerate with the synergistic support of the Higher Self. In a BQH session, restoration will be supported with supplemental therapies like Reiki, lightwork, Somatic Therapy, sound vibration, toning, breath-work, visualization, etc..


The Emergence

Before emerging into the present now reality, my gratitude will be sincerely expressed for the spiritual guidance given. Then I will help you to begin gently emerging from your deeply meditative state/trance and into a fully awakened state.



Upon opening your eyes you’ll need time time to acclimate. When you’re ready, we will have a post-hypnosis review. This is when you can begin slowly grounding yourself into the here and now moment. You might wish to share your experience - how long you felt you had journeyed, what you remember, what came as a surprise, how it felt, what makes so much more sense to you now, and what new revelations give you the most Wow.

I’ll offer highlights from your quantum hypnosis journey to help you maintain your fresh memory of it. Finally, I’ll send the recording of our session to you by email or for your review within 48 hrs.

Remember that I always welcome your feedback post session, as I’m curious to know about the insight & downloads that come about from our work together!


How to Prepare for the Session


Think about what you wish to learn, heal, release, draw in, feel more of. Voice your intention, write it out, sit with how it feels to have this intention already set into motion, and nurture your intended outcome in your heart with positive manifestation.


Create a list of questions you seek clarity/guidance/direction on, and lean your trust fully in this process of divining wisdom & timing.

  • For a BQH session: 3-6 questions.

  • For a Past Life Regression session: 5 questions

Please send me the questions prior to the session through email or text.


Developing and deepening a meditative practice is a perfect primer for clear channeling and hypnosis. The more you can still yourself and quiet the mind, the deeper into healing hypnosis you can go.

You can enjoy many meditative moments that promote your ability to commune with and trust in your Higher Self, such as taking a moment of silence - grounding in nature - reading a book about hypnosis - journaling - orienting- listening to solfeggio or binaural beats- and gazing at the flame of a candle.

Breathing consciously you induce inner tranquility. Cycles of deep inhalations with deep exhalations give way to clarity of mind and stillness of body. Practice conscious breath-work.

Allow for quiet or alone time, unplug, rest, be in relaxation. This offers a calm essence for welcoming positive change.


Keeping open to all positive outcomes, release expectations of having a specific hypnotic experience.

Enjoy the feeling of approaching your session with

  • an open mind & heart

  • a strong desire for positive change

  • an excited sense of curiosity and readiness

  • the belief that it is safe to go on an inner quantum journey to know and heal yourself

be open

the day of your session:


  • You’ll want to have gotten plenty of rest the night before.

  • Avoid anything caffeinated.

  • Have a glass of water with you. 

  • Dress comfortably.

  • Maybe wear essential oils that are calming.

  • Tears can emerge - consider skipping the application of mascara or lash extensions, makeup. 

  • Come with an after session snack if you have a long ride home (if in person).

  • Give yourself plenty of time and space after your session for grounding & integration.

Sample Questions

sample questions



What did I come here to do?

What does offering my gifts look like?

What fears had been holding me back?

What clearly gives me a sense of deep purpose?

What way of believing am I ready to now evolve?

What can be next on my Spiritual Journey To Do List?

How can I develop and maintain a mindset of abundance?

What else can help me to be more aware of who I truly am?

What used to be and is no longer the place of my belonging?

What message am I uniquely qualified to share with the world?

What ways can I nurture my personal growth and expression?

How can I step away from indecision and step into decisiveness?

What childhood programming must I now completely renounce?

What are some of the greatest lessons this lifetime has to teach me?

How can I make a difference with something I have that others need?

What thought system based in fear must I now completely relinquish?

What can life look like for me when I fully engage my personal power?

What wants to come through me into the world and how do I honor it?

What is the best possible outcome of me changing careers at this time?

What wisdom can be imparted now which will optimize my life’s work?

In what ways have I benefited from the challenging experiences I had last year?

What inspired ideas have I had that are luring me into deeper focus and action?

Why had I resisted aligning to my highest potential, and how do I overcome this?



How can I feel safe during these times?

How do I shift my response to past trauma?

How can I best enjoy my sexuality at this time?

What’s the cause behind the unwarranted discomfort in my...? 

What other areas of my body require greater care and healing?

In what ways has my body been communicating its needs to me?

Which of my chakras need more clearing?  Can this be done now?

What is most needed at this time for the wellbeing of my daughter?

What is necessary in order for the _____ to be completely healed?

How can I bring the feminine and masculine into balance within myself?

What is needed in order for me to enjoy optimum health and immunity?

What feelings have I had that are awaiting exploration, acceptance, and healing?

In addition to this work, what other healing therapies can I greatly benefit from?



What spiritual ties do I have with my partner?

How can I show greater care for myself and others?

What is my unique role in healing my ancestral lineage?

What does my daughter’s Higher Self need me to know?

What hidden reason, if any, is there behind me remaining single?

What does my animal companion want me to know about them?

How can I best support my loved one in their life’s journey now?

In which ways must I honor more deeply my boundaries with others?

How do I go from resentment to love and healing, with greater ease?

What can I do to contribute to society’s wellbeing, and in turn my own?

What’s the best step which brings me closer to encountering a soul partner?

What is the highest intention that I have in my relationship with my partner?

In what ways can I improve communication and understanding with my parents?

Is there anyone I have yet to forgive?  What can this forgiveness look and feel like?

Which of my ancestors are watching over me? What message do they wish to give?



What is the Soul?

How can I preserve what is sacred to me?

How do I master conscious manifestation?

What is my re-occurring dream a reflection of?

Why do I feel as though I’m just not of this place?

What significant aspect of myself had I lost sight of?

What agreement had I made that warrants a pattern I see?

What possible future mission am I currently setting up for?

Which of my cosmic origins have a great influence on this life?

How do I distinguish between perception (sand) and truth (stone)?

What ritual will help me with what I most need in my life right now?

What’s the significance of the unusual birthmark I have on my thigh?

How do I prepare myself now for ascension into my next spiritual level?

What have I held in my shadow that needs more of my honest reflection?

What was that strange thing I saw one night when I awoke to look out the window?