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Quantum Chakra Illumination

(Distant) Quantum Chakra Illumination For Clearing, Cleansing & Purifying the Energy Centers & Aura

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
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Service Description

This is an emailed (PDF version) Quantum Chakra Illumination, Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Session for your whole being. This session is infused with Reiki, and the Golden Angelic Ray of Healing. The purpose of a Quantum Chakra Illumination is to clear out any stuck, trapped and dissonant energies within the energy centers aka the Chakras. I also clear, cleanse and repair any rips, tears or cracks within the auric field along with balancing hormones through theta healing techniques. Just like energy healing with the Violet Flame Reiki, these Illumination sessions are meant to transform, transmute & rebalance any lower vibrational energies, entities or cords/traumas into the highest form of light frequency illuminating any heaviness, attachment or connections that may have been carried unconsciously, even ancestrally throughout this lifetime & others. What you can expect from an Illumination session with me: I usually spend about 1-2 hours with your energy bodies working closely with your guides, angels and guardians of light along with my own to perform the Illumination. I will send you an email the day before the Illumination is done so that you are aware of how to be present to support your body and being as much as you can the day the energy medicine is being done. I will send you a typed up (PDF Version) that is usually 1-2 pages long in detail along with an energy prescription to support your evolution & growth moving forward 5-7 days after the order goes through. This session is meant to empower & reconnect you with your mind, body, spirit & soul in a heart centered medicinal way so that living more consciously is the choice. (: ***Energy Work either in-person or via distance as well as readings are meant to support you on your Spiritual journey as a tool for educational and entertainment purposes only. Energy work and readings are not and should never replace medical care and seeking medical care for your health concerns and needs***

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