July 14th-September 8th
Thursday 8 pm est./5 pm pst.
Bonus Group Energetic Clearing & Healing,
Breath-work Practice to Meet Your Higher Self
A Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Online via Zoom Group Container
Who is this for
This is for the Spiritually awakened individual who is on the journey of ascension, starting a soul led business or for the soul who is finally ready to remember & reclaim their most powerful divine and magnetic essence through anchoring, aligning and emerging as the highest version of the self through Hypnosis, NLP, the Heart Field, Energy & Somatic Healing!

The Offering

  • (All LIVE sessions will be recorded & available for replay)

  • (8) X Weekly 60 min Live Sessions (Every Thursday @8 pm est./5 pm pst. online)

  • 1 X 60 min Live Group Energy Healing Sessions to include high vibrational sound medicine & channeled transmissions to cleanse, clear and purify your energy & guide you into a state of re-connection with your higher self) Date TBD

  • 1 X 60 min Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

  • (Date TBD)

  • Breathe-work Practice to Meet Your Higher Self (Date TBD)

  • 1 X 90 min Closing Ceremony Q & A Session (18th of August)

  • Weekly Soul Work, Light Body E-Book, CBT, Recorded Meditations & Intuitive  Journal Prompts

  •  Connection to a Sacred Community of Like Minded Souls Through WhatsApp 

The Creative Flow

Week 1 Connection

Earth/Sun/Moon Medicine

Healing through attunement & what is already here for us to raise our divine vibration & step into alignment with the highest frequency while staying grounded

Grounding & Anchoring Practices

into your light body  & the here, now present moment through the heart (Zero Point Field Activation)

Energetic Anatomy- Chakras, Channels, Meridians OH MY!

Clearing density, trapped and stagnant energy to support the physical body, organs & vital life force 

Week 2 Awakening

Disentangling Energy 

Cord Removal, Auric Field Purification & Golden Ray Transmission for activating soul gifts, imagination & intuition

Removing Limiting Beliefs through NLP/Hypnosis Practice

Energetic Rituals Boundaries, Bubbles & Hygiene 

Week 3 Soul Medicine

Somatic Self regulation Tools

Together lets widen your window of tolerance & allow expansion to happen 

Heart Wall Clearing Meditation 

Theta Healing & Emotion Code Technique

Inner child Hypnosis 

Week 4 Stepping In, Embodying

Quan Yin Transmission for Compassion

Honoring the Ego/ Past (those parts of you that have protected and kept you safe) through forgiveness &  Dissociation Technique 

NLP Thought-Word Manifestation Practice

Reprogramming Self Talk 

Past Self Healing Journey

Week 5 Anchoring

Divine Neutrality-Owl Medicine 

Shamanic Energy Medicine & Unity Consciousness 

Mother Earth Heart Coherence & Attunement Practice

"I AM Presence" Hypnosis

Week 6 Transmutation

Shadow-work Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Techniques

Accessing guidance from your higher self

Subconscious Rewiring for Success, Wealth, & Money Consciousness

Lets release those old beliefs, emotions and familiar feelings & recreate a new story for abundance & prosperity

Week 7 Alignment 

The Power of Play & Presence

Activating the Imagination-the window that opens the unconscious & activates the creator through Beyond Quantum Healing techniques

 I AM ENOUGH Hypnosis to activate your worth & step into your divine feminine ready to receive & be!

Week 8 Powerful Emergence

Energy management

Devotion to self care, rituals & being heart centered

Being the Conduit for the Higher Self

Breath-work to Anchor in Source Life Force Energy 

Hypnosis for Confidence & Trust

Shining your light 


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This will be a limitless quantum journey submerging into your super conscious/ subconscious & sensitive portal of potent & powerful compassionate heart & soul medicine!

Allowing you to emerge from within to share your light, your magic and your gifts through just the very presence of your field & your being.

Removing the unwanted and spiral formed patterns of limiting beliefs, child hood conditioning and past life imprints. 

From there, leading with a deeper understanding of who you are and your souls purpose.

Creating and cultivating stronger, more loving and connected relationships.

Rewiring, Reframing those limiting beliefs, emotions, and feelings on a multi-dimensional quantum level across timelines & realities and healing your ancestral lineage through NLP &  hypnosis techniques.

Navigating life through your intuition and trusting in it!

No longer feeling lost, caged or disembodied, but emerging through all of it!

You will affirm to the part of you (the subconscious) the reality you want to merge with...releasing procrastination, imposter syndrome and low confidence!

Removing the fear that you are not good enough, that you don't know enough or stuck on comparison issues!

Listen, no-one is like you! And that is truer than true! (I believe Dr. Seuss said that) and so we need you, the Earth needs you, YOU need YOU to shine your light bright and share your essence with the world!

If you are ready to experience how limitless your spirit, dreams and intentions can awaken and manifest then it is time for you to say YES to the highest version of self and embody it!




A One Time Self Investment is $577.00.

If a payment plan is needed, please email Marisasagehealing@gmail.com