About Marisa

Marisa is a spiritual teacher, channeler, intuitive, master energy & body talk practitioner, quantum healer, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur and conscious life coach.

She loves to spend time with her family, her loving partner, three children and two cats. Connecting with nature and being a clear conduit for spirit are a part of her life purpose. Gaining the knowledge and wisdom to try and understand the "mysteries" of the universe is a hobby and dedication to her being in service as a lightworker here on Earth. Clearing past/present/future also known as multi-dimensional trauma, imprints and distortion that have been passed down through her lineage & from her old souls evolutionary journey.

Since her awakening in 2015, Marisa has been guided by spirit to channel and teach spiritual content through her deep aligned connection with her higher self and spirit allies. Marisa has an ability to connect to the collective consciousness of humanity providing in the moment healing, guidance and information based on what is coming through energetically by utilizing the "torsion field" of the heart & quantum healing medicine.

If you have worked with her before you may know that she always offers guidance and unification with the heart and its gateway to releasing and alchemizing any past/present/future pain, trauma, grief, sadness, hurt, abandonment, and attachment wounds.

She loves to teach and mentor those walking the path of being in service to love and light.  Especially sharing high vibrational recipes, and conscious living through coaching  those who want to support their ascension and spiritual awakening.

She has created space on multiple social media platforms for you to instantly receive meditations, nervous system and polyvagal stimulation and attunement, heart coherence tools, as well as healing activations and transmissions from the highest source frequency to ground and anchor you into the body here in the now moment we call presence. 

Lineage of Teaching

Quantum Coaching & Cellular Restructuring Nutrition Certified Coach

Culinary Arts Associates Degree/ HACC

200 Hr. RYT / Om My Yoga

Certified MBSR Practitioner (mindfulness based stress reduction)

Plant Based Nutritionist / Ecornell

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach / IIN

Specialty Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner

QHHT, BQH Hypnosis Practitioner 

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

[Lavender] [Violet] [Silver] [Gold] Reiki Master Teacher

Somatic Therapy TT/ Somatic Therapy Center 

Somatic Trauma Therapy / The Embody Lab

Smart Body Smart Mind / Irene Lyon

Golden Angelic Ray Practitioner 

Pampamesayok Shaman Practitioner / The Four Winds

Holistic Herbalism & Intuitive Plant Guidance

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