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Hi Consicous Soul!

I am Marisa

[pronounced Ma-reesa]

If you have found this page, I am sure it is because our energies resonate and there is something potent and magnetic for us to explore together here on Earth!

I am a mama to three loving children living a simple & playful life with my loving partner in sacred union

I am also a plant mama and have two cats that support the healing sessions online, whose names are Kali & Shiva.

My dharma in this life is to support and awaken conscious well being & help raise the vibration of the planet through alchemy, transmutation and being in service as a guide & compassionate witness for those walking along their spiritual journey who are ready for expansion and ascension. 

Those who are ready to become a clear and grounded vessel.

I honor the light in you because it is the light in me that has led me to be here in this moment. Overcoming and walking through my own dark night of the soul, spiritual awakening and this life journey that has awoken me from a deep slumber to process, learn and disentangle inner child wounds, trauma and ancestral karma.

All of these to serve my souls evolution and growth here on this Earth.

And I invite the power of the I am presence to fill your whole being as you now step onto this path.

You are not lost, alone or misunderstood.

You are an energetic being made up of cosmic frequencies, and connected with the elements of Earth in a body here to find peace, love & harmony.

My favorite mantra & mission here on this beautiful planet:

I live and lead with an open heart.

May all my thoughts, words and actions in some way contribute to the happiness of all beings.

"lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu"

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Wellness Coach

Intuitive Somatic Healing 

Deep Listening, Body Wisdom, Emotional Freedom, 

Trauma & Inner Child Healing

"Somatic Healing has been such a huge gift in my life.  Its what my soul has been asking for.  What I knew that I needed but hadn't found yet until meeting Marisa.  Using the wisdom of the body to guide instead of our minds to direct, healing can go so much deeper.  Marisas approach is incredibly gentle, compassionate, intuitive and powerful.  She's a truly gifted healing facilitator and I highly recommend her!"


Intuitive Somatic Healing Session 

"I had been going through big changes in my life that consciously I was prepared for but my nervous system was not ready for. I  was struggling with anxiety everyday and felt very unsafe in my body during this time.  Having my somatic healing session with Marisa was so incredibly healing and grounded me into my body.  I released so many emotional blocks that had been stored in my body and Marisa held me with such care and light.  After one session that anxiety had cleared.  She also provided me with tips I can do to keep me grounded into my body.  I cannot recommend Marisa enough for this incredible healing.
Intuitive Somatic Healing Session

"This session was so amazing. I feel so much lighter after receiving the healing, there was so much valuable insight provided and I can't wait to watch the recording. Marisa provided a safe space for me to express my emotions and provided practical guidance on how I can move forward. I didn't expect the session to cover so much, so much of what Marisa said resonated with me. I am also so glad she was able to clear some generational stuff that was holding me back. She is such a kind gifted soul who truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend this session."


Akashic Record & Gene Keys Guidance

Marisa Sage is a gentle and talented healer that can expand your soul awareness. There are many wounds I have held that through her work with angels and guides were perfectly removed exactly as I needed for my own spiritual growth. I also experienced Marisa’s psychic gifts. She was able to speak with my guides and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. After the healing experience my life began to change. Old habits simply stopped holding me back and I now have an expanded awareness over my own chakra system. I also have a better relationship with my guides and own soul journey. I felt lost in my spiritual journey before meeting Marisa Sage, but now I have a clearer vision. :)
Akashic Record & Gene Keys Guidance
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and make it a priority to be constantly learning and growing in my field. Marisa is on the cutting edge of mental health - she is educated on trauma, somatic (body) healing, inner child healing, and nervous system healing. I learned so much from her. She beautifully incorporates science and spirituality into her healing practices. I felt fully safe, heard, and contained while working with her. She’s the real deal and a compassionate and knowledgable guide."
Intuitive Somatic Healing Session


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